Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze® Medium Hybrid Mattress

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Size: Twin XL

TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® Medium Hybrid Mattress by Tempur-Pedic

Discover the ultimate in restful nights with the newest innovation from Tempur-Pedic: the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® Medium Hybrid Mattress. Engineered for unparalleled cooling, it is meticulously designed to be up to 10° cooler, ensuring that even the warmest sleepers enjoy a refreshing sleep environment.

Highlight Features:

  • Pure Cool® Plus Material: The heart of this mattress's cooling prowess. Advanced material that not only absorbs but also diverts heat away from your body. The result? Consistently cool and soothing sleep throughout the night.

  • SmartClimate® Cover: A patented innovation, this cool-to-the-touch cover is crafted with heat-absorbing fibers that wick away warmth. Bonus? It's machine-washable and comes with a high-stretch performance panel, making maintenance a breeze.

  • Heat-Diffusing Layer: This is where the magic of temperature regulation comes in. Exclusively integrated into TEMPUR-Breeze® mattresses, this layer complements the Pure Cool® material, intensifying the cooling effect by dispersing excess heat.

  • Ventilated Advanced Relief™ Material: This signature material from Tempur-Pedic® is renowned for its pressure-relieving qualities. In this mattress, it's turbocharged with added ventilation, fostering increased airflow for even more comfort.

  • Hybrid Material: Exclusively in Hybrid versions of the mattress, this responsive material facilitates effortless movement during sleep. Whether you toss, turn, or stay still, the mattress adjusts seamlessly.

  • Hybrid Technology: Boasting over 1,300* premium double-stacked innersprings, this mattress is responsive, supportive, and accommodating to all sleep positions. Its hybrid design ensures a delicate balance between memory foam's contouring properties and innersprings' buoyant support.

The TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze® Medium Hybrid Mattress isn’t just a bed—it's an investment in night after night of refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. Tailored for those who seek a balance between plush comfort and structured support, with the added benefit of advanced cooling technology, this mattress is the culmination of Tempur-Pedic’s dedication to sleep innovation. Experience sleep transformed.

Size: Twin XL