Have an issue with your products?

Here at Mattress Overstock we provide mattresses from the best and most responsible manufacturers possible. It is important to retain your sales receipt and the "law-tag" warranty that is with your new mattress because both are needed to make a warranty claim. We recommend that you keep both together in a safe place for the life of the mattress. Please refer to manufacturer’s warranty pamphlet with any questions concerning the mattress. Warranty is void if any stains of any kind are visible on the mattress, or improper set-up.If you are having any concerns about defective goods look below to find out more about how we can help.

Do you have problems with your current product that would qualify you for a manufacturer's warranty claim?

1. Read your warranty information on the "law tag" that is sewn into your mattress, or call one of our stores to ask for information about your specific mattresses warranty.

2. Visit one of our retail stores and our sleep experts will help you start the claims process if you meet the guidelines of your mattress' warranty policy.

• Body impressions of 1.5 inches or greater

• Pillow-top or fabric lumping or shifting

• Torn handles

• Coils or wires broken or protruding

• Box springs that rattle or squeak

• Splits in the box spring wood frame

• Box springs that sag even though properly supported

• Any bedding that has a stain or discoloration (especially due to bodily fluids), burns, watermarks, or any unsanitary conditions

• Body impressions under 1.5 inches

• Structural damage due to improper framing or center support

• Any bedding without a law tag

• Mattress fabric and stitching

• Comfort preferences

• Bed height

• Replacement of another piece in the sleep set, unless defective

• Non-matching mattress and box spring (mismatched manufacturers)

• Abuse